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The struggles of an artist feat. Jean Kirschstein


Hello!! My name is Angelica and I’m taking character commissions! 

I was recently let go of my day job and want to try to pay off some bills in the meanwhile, so if you need any character work I’d be more than happy to do some!  I’m offering rough sketches, refined sketches, rough+color, and full-finished full body commissions!

I’m also offering storytelling sketches if you’d like to provide a scene and one character you’ll get a refined sketch like the examples above! 

I would really appreciate if if you had a reference. If not, I have to charge more. Extra characters are roughly 10~15USD more depending on complexity. I also reserve the right to decline commissions. I’m pretty open, but please shoot me an email!

Paypal only! I’m sorry!

Please shoot me an email at

I’m opening 5 Slots for now!






Thanks so much, everyone!!

Hey folks, go get some amazing commissions!

<Now, this is an interesting human concept,< Ax said approvingly. <This hologram makes it almost appear that we are under the water.>
“Ax? It’s not a hologram,” Rachel said.
<Then…we are underwater? Protected only by badly made human plastic?>
<Why do you humans do things like this?>
Book #15: The Escape, pg. 80 (by K.A. Applegate)


This chapters golden. 

This is beautiful.

01d55 said: I have been keeping this open in a tab for months specifically because I wanted to remember to show it to you…

I’m super late responding but ahh thank you! I think I’ve seen that link before but I was looking for it since it’s a really interesting read. Anyone who is interested in FF6 should give it a look.


Ended up putting more effort to this than planned! In any case, Mikasa love <3

Final Fantasy VI may be 20 years old…

but I’m happy to know that my 14-year-old nephew who played it recently thinks it’s awesome. It’s not just my nostalgia!



These are so cool. As someone who has been blind in one eye for my entire life, the 3D craze is something that I’ve never been able to experience. It’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but images like these are probably the closest thing I’ll get to seeing 3D images on a screen.

They’re really neat!


his brother lost a bet and has to dance for 30 minutes. strangers join in to dance with him